Rapid Installation Saves Time and Money.

During the recent installation of Enviro EPS H Series storm water oil/water separator at a site in Port Adelaide, the entire system installation process from delivery to backfill took just over 3 hours.


The world-first EN858-1 Class 1 Enviro H Series environmental protection system, arrived just after 12pm, in a pretty average day on site. In less than 20 minutes the system was in place and just after 1pm the shoring was removed. By 3:35pm the backfill was complete and the system was ready for connection. Just 3:15 hours to install a complete stormwater treatment system that achieves 99.95% oil/water separation, 100% removal of gross pollutants, 86% of nutrients and sediments.


The ONSPSS is situated just above sea level and stormwater runoff  flows directly into the estuarine Port Adelaide River. The site is adjacent to the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, mangrove forests and conservation reserves. Clearly, a EN858-1 Class 1 system was appropriate for this highly environmentally sensitive site, but at what cost? Simply from a construction perspective the time and effort of installing a treatment train is higher. Add the capital costs of replacing multiple systems with one unit and the benefits of the Enviro systems mount up.


What gave the Enviro H Series the competitive advantage was not just superior performance of the system. Low cost maintenance, transportability, single unit solution and the continuous flow oil/water separation capabilities all played a significant role in winning the tender. Also, spring tides are 2.5 metres, but due to the design of Enviro systems, no concrete anchor is required to secure the system – another cost saving. Gone too are, the complexities of a treatment train and additional effort and costs associated with more traditional systems.


As is often the case with good design,  form follows function, the Enviro G, E and H Series systems are fit for purpose. The G Series is suitable  for residential developments and other low impact areas. The E Series is suitable for commercial and industrial medium impact areas and reduces hydrocarbons from incidental leaks. Finally, the EN858-1 Class 1 Enviro H Series is recommended  when there is a risk of oil spillage in high impact areas. The business case for the Enviro systems is strong!


To summarise: production is geared for rapid delivery, orders and delivery managed by your local distributor, earthworks and infrastructure are minimised, installation is quick and easy, systems are suitable for even the most sensitive sites, oil/water separation is achieved in continuous flow, capital costs are competitive and maintenance costs are low.


So how do the Enviro systems compare to the competition? In short – very well. In all locations, conditions and situations, Enviro systems not only have superior performance, they are consistently cost effective due to the superior design and supply chain. All performance information can be downloaded as Brochures and a Technical Manual is available by emailing info@enviroaustralis.com.au.

Technical support is available by calling: +61 8 8564 2347.