10 years of research, design and development by Enviro Australis’ Director Engineer Leo Crasti, has resulted in world-first technology for reducing the full spectrum of pollutants from runoff water. These systems are installed directly into stormwater drains and replace an entire treatment train in one device. If you would like more information about this revolutionary Environmental Protection System, Leo Crasti can be contacted via info@enviroaustralis.com.au or (+61) 8 8564 2347.

For those of you that have an interest in the Enviro Australis Environmental Protection Systems (EPS) here is an overview.

All along the supply chain from design engineer through to property owner the benefits are clear but ultimately it’s the oceans, waterways and their inhabitants that benefit most. To drastically paraphrase environmental regulations – any pollutants from stormwater runoff from any property is illegal. The property owner has responsibility, however liability also lies with engineers and their design solutions.

Benefits to engineers: Rigorous independent testing and extensive technical documentation that corroborate claims is available. Smarter all in one systems that remove the full spectrum of pollutants. Scalable system options available across all catchment types. Designed for Australian conditions. Full technical support.

Benefits to builders and contractors: Rapid manufacturing and delivery, quick and easy installation and price competitive systems. Nationwide availability via Civilmart branches. Full technical support.

Benefits to owners: 100-year product life, lower capital costs, low maintenance asset, no high cost consumables. Service carried out by evacuation truck. Screens easily replaced via the surface covers when required, without having to enter the device.

In most cases the Enviro Australis EPS selection process requires: catchment type, pipe size, cover duty and invert. The risk of hydrocarbon spillage is also an important factor. On more complex projects or those in highly sensitive areas, technical support is recommended. A full list of EPS selection factors is:

Catchment type: residential, commercial, industrial, transport
Catchment characteristics: incline, surface type, trash and litter volume and type
Risk of hydrocarbon spillage: low, medium, high. very high
Drainage specifications: invert and pipe size 300mm-1500mm
Location: treated flow, surrounding properties, waterways, water table level and statutory obligations

The Enviro Australis EPS range covers all catchment types and is designed to tolerate the intensity, frequency and duration of Australian rainfall events.

Enviro Australis define treated flow as: the flow of water required to wash pollutants from a catchment and transport those pollutants to a point where they can be removed. By understanding treated flow, accurate system capacity calculations have been made to ensure environmental regulatory compliance, and also to protect waterways and oceans. Read more about treated flow