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The Enviro Australis (EA) water quality improvement systems offer easy to install, low maintenance solutions. All systems are independently tested and approved. Results are: cost effective, compliant, gross pollutant, fine sediment, nutrient and oil removal for your civil project runoff water (stormwater). Accurate system selection is quick, easy and guaranteed using EA’s online portal.  Manufacture and assembly are available in all states and production is scalable for rapid or high volume delivery.

All systems deliver the same high levels of gross pollutant, coarse sediment and nutrient removal. All systems are easy to transport, install and maintain. The G Series Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) is suitable for low impact areas. The E Series is suitable for high impact areas with fine sediments from commercial activities or landscaping and incidental hydrocarbon spillage. The H Series is suitable for high impact areas with a risk of hydrocarbon spillage from refueling or other commercial activities.

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