Sharing a passion for preserving the
natural quality of water

About Enviro Australis

Our scientists and engineers understand the importance of water on the planet and operate from dedicated research and development facilities to explore the chemistry, microbiology and hydraulic processes necessary to preserve the natural quality of water.

Preserving the natural quality of water and understanding the importance of water on the planet is a common passion for each of the Enviro Australis team.

At Enviro Australis, our team uses science and engineering to develop the processes necessary to fulfil our clients’ desired objectives. Prior to manufacture we engage in research, design and testing of the processes necessary to achieve the defined outcome. We then manufacture and implement the processes, providing an end to end solution for our clients.

Who We are

Enviro Australis is an Australian company which conceptualises, manufactures and markets innovative technologies designed to reduce pollutants and contaminants in urban water runoff.

Our research indicates the freshwater resources of our planet are being compromised by the growing population and increasing urbanisation. All members of our team share a common passion to create products and systems to help solve this problem.

Our Team


Product AND Business Development

Leo graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has an extensive background in research and development of innovative systems. Over recent years, Leo has specialised in sustainable and environmentally sensitive products and services.


Enviro Australis maintains compliance with Regulatory Authorities, Environmental and Work Place Safety and Health in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. The Compliance Team includes Steve Taylor, B Econ (Syd Uni), Dip IT and Dermot Duncan Master of Environmental Law.


Our Progress

The initial system was released at the first National Stormwater Convention in 2010. These systems were installed and monitored, confirming that the unique processes within the system met all expectations.

Field data was gathered and subjected to peer review by senior lecturers and scientists the at the Western Sydney University. This lead to further research and testing at the University of Sydney, where a system was made available to students in the newly constructed environmental laboratory.

With collaboration and intern funding assistance from Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) a detailed performance analysis was conducted. Data was collated and used to develop a mathematical model of the system enabling predictive performance to be assessed.

The program extended over two (2) years. During that time field data on nutrient transformation and the mechanisms for transportation of toxicants in run-off water was also accessed.

The findings were delivered by Mr Crasti at an International Science Conference, chaired by the Honourable Kevin Rozzolli AM.

These findings were later published in a handbook on urban development.

To further support the design and system performance, compliance with various guidelines was sought. These included:

  • NJDEP (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection)
  • eWater
  • ARQ (Australian Run-off Quality Guidelines)
  • SQIDEP (Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices Evaluation Protocol)

Full scale testing was also conducted in the NATA Certified Laboratories and at Manly Hydraulics Laboratory in Sydney.

Field testing and monitoring programs are currently being developed in conjunction with independent industry experts and institutions in conformance with the draft principals of SQIDEP.

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