All Enviro EPS share the same ground breaking innovative technology that advances way beyond the capabilities of a gross pollutant trap (GPT). Coarse sediments, fine sediments, nutrients from organic suspended solids, trash and litter are dramatically reduced as stormwater flows from the catcment. This broad spectrum separation is achieved in a single units and eliminates the need for a multi-process treatment train. In between rainfall events, the pollutants are held in a storage sump, which eliminates churning and bio release.

All systems are easy to transport, install and maintain. The G Series is suitable for low impact areas. The E Series is suitable for medium impact areas like industrial and commercial activities or landscaping and incidental hydrocarbon spillage. The H Series is suitable for high impact areas with a risk of hydrocarbon spillage from refueling or other activities. The M Series has a 10,000 litre hydrocarbon retention capacity suitable for the high impact areas such a refueling stations.

  • Trash and litter - 100%
  • Oil Water Separation - 99.95%
  • Total Phosphorus (TP) 97%
  • Total suspended solids (TSS) - 95%
  • Total Nitrogen (TN) 85%

100 Year Design Life

Marine grade stainless steel panels are rivetted together to avoid corrosion from pollutants captured and collected in the EPS. Both the concrete chamber and internal steel cartridge are designed and manufactured to be acid sulphate soil resistant.


Safe Maintenance


All EPS devices are quick and easy to service and maintain. The unique fully opening cover allows full visibility of contents. Collected trash and litter are safely removed using a vacuum truck. A de-watered sump option reduces cost by maximising storage capacity.


Easy Installation


All EPS are plug and play systems. Excavation is done inline and the EPS is lowered in place and connected to the pipes. No in-situ concrete base is required to anchor the EPS. The EPS will not float when installed close to ground water.



The Enviro EPS range share the same suspended solids removal technology that is applied to different models depending on it's application in residential, commercial or industrial catchments.

Watch how the water flows smoothly through the EPS and solids are captured for later removal by vacuum truck. The gentle flow of water and screen design prevents clogging.



Watch the Enviro Australis technology in action

G Series


The Enviro G Series is a smarter gross pollutant trap (GPT) tha as well as removing trash and litter reduces coarse sediments and suspended solids. The G Series is suitable for low risk catchments such as residential developments. Product life is 100 years, and maintenance is only required annually.

E Series

for commercial projects

The Enviro E Series is suitable for industrial and commercial developments with a medium risk of hydrocarbon spillage. The E Series reduces fine sediments as well as trash, litter and suspended solids from storm water runoff.

H Series

for high risk catchments

A smarter solution for catchments with a high risk of hydrocarbon spillage, the Enviro H series EPS is an independently certified EN858-1 Oil/Water Separator, which does not require expensive cartridges or large retention tanks. Particularly suitable for transport terminals, fuel handling and chemical processing.

Nutrient Report

Read the Uni SA Nutrient Report and test data here.



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